Learning ASP.NET MVC through NerdDinner.

Nerd Dinner LogoI’ve been trying to get up to speed on ASP.NET MVC.  Very cool so far.  I started with the free ASP.NET NerdDinner tutorial, and moved on from there.  I love the tutorial, it’s very detailed, and yet short.  Also, it’s been subject to intense scrutiny and review that has provided a great wealth of learning, beginning with Ayende’s review on NerdDinner.

Jimmy Bogard has some criticisms about the ‘poor man’s dependency injection’ in the application in his How not to do Dependency Injection post.

This led me to the Matt Hinze post on AutoMapper in NerdDinnner (I finally get what AutoMapper is all about).

Which of course led me to ASP.NET MVC View-Model Patterns .

Finally discovered a post titled ASP.NET MVC Best Practices.

I haven’t checked it out yet, but while I’m generally not a fan of screencasts, I plan on watching Roy Osherove’s video review of the tests in the NerdDinner source.