Checking out node.js on Windows

I first heard about about node.js after listening to  the Herding Code podcast.  Node.js is an event driven, single threaded, high performance network programming platform (is it too small to be called a platform?) whose interface is JavaScript.  Sounds like something fun to check out. Trouble is, it’s developed Linux.  While I could get a Linux VM running on my machine or compile it myself on Windows through Cygwin I felt that was far too much of a pain not on what I wanted to do: try it.   I found some great instruction on the CodeBetter site and although there are instructions to compile it, the real gem was a note in the comment that binaries were available for windows here.

But, not everything is without pain.  You need the latest 7-zip 9.16 beta to unpack them.

So far, it seems to be an easy, fast way to get a local endpoint up and running that I’m using for returning fake responses when developing with ASP.NET.