Why Implementation Details?

I’ve been writing a blog for a while over at blogspot, but I’ve written rather intermittently.  I love reading blogs, and have often had great intentions on maintaining a good one.  A while ago I thought of what I thought was a really great name: Implementation Details.  Too bad for me, someone at blogspot already took it a few months ago so over to WordPress I go.

In any case, WordPress is crackin’ good.  It seems way more flexible than blogspot.

One thing I’ve noticed since I was a grad student, is the huge dependency that a given solution has on the minutia, the implementation details.

Since my background and work deals a lot with image processing, let’s take the Canny Edge detector.  Given one image, and the same set of parameters in the algorithm, you will come up with as many different results as you have implementations.  How do you represent your images in memory, how do you implement your Gaussian filter, what is the form of your gradient operator, what assumptions and simplifications do you make?  Despite the fact that the algorithm is generally acknowledged to be robust and well understood, many small decisions have to be made in the implementation that make the results not wrong, but different.

I’ve decided not to move my posts from blogspot, there’s nothing worthwhile to move.